2012 International Aerobic Championships RESULTS

Seniors & Youth: Age Group 2, Age Group 1 and Junior Showcase

-AeroDance: Senior, Varsity, Junior


S -Individual Woman
Gold: Daiana Nanzer – Argentina
Silver: Charlotte Bass – New Zealand
Bronze: Maria Sol Magdaleno – Argentina

S -Individual Man
Gold: Juan Jose Quiroz – Mexico
Silver: Jimmy Alfaro – Mexico
Bronze: Ivan Veloz – Mexico

S -Mixed Pair
Gold: Xiang/Liu – China
Silver: Nanzer/Perez – Argentina
Bronze: Irish/Quiroz – Mexico

S -Trio
Gold: Zhuo/Yan/Xiang – China
Silver: Quiroz/Veloz/Solis – Mexico
Bronze: Minchao/YuFeng/Xiaowei – China

S -Group
Gold: Zhuo/Yan/Xiang/Kai/Yang/Jie – China
Silver: Corti/Villa/Gun/Veliz/Rivas/Magdaleno – Argentina
Bronze: Hong/Qi/Wei/Yao/Yu/Yan – China

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Senior Individual Woman Preliminaries
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Senior Individual Woman Semifinals
Senior Individual Male Semifinals
Senior Mixed Pair Semifinals
Senior Trio Semifinals
Senior Group Semifinals

Senior Individual Woman Finals
Senior Individual Male Finals
Senior Mixed Pair Finals
Senior Trio Finals
Senior Group Finals

2012 YOUTH


AG2 – Individual Woman
Gold: Candela Eraso – Argentina
Silver: Daniela Pinto – Argentina
Bronze: Huang Chengkai – China

AG2 – Individual Man
Gold: Paul Engel – Germany

AG2 – Mixed Pair
Gold: Zhao Pen/Yang Jing Ping – China
Silver: Pia Rieber/Paul Engel – Germany

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AG2 Individual Male Finals
AG2 Individual Woman Finals
AG2 Mixed Pair Finals


AG1 – Individual Woman
Gold: Nicole Kaloyanov – USA
Silver: Auska Furutani – Japan
Bronze: Zhou Meng Jia – China

AG1 – Individual Man
Gold: Chen Zikai – China
Silver: Cai Zukun – China
Bronze: Diego Figueroa – Mexico

AG1 – Mixed Pair
Gold: Zikai Chen/Xie Xialing – China
Silver: Shi Xiaojin/Cai Zekun – China
Bronze: Marijose Martinez/Diego Figueroa – Mexico

AG1 – Trio
Gold: Furutani/Ono/Inuoe – Japan
Silver: Yu/Long/Ting – China
Bronze: Ting/Jialing/Yuelin – China

AG1 – Group
Gold: Jingyi/Sisi/Yiran/Wenfei/Xiaoyue/Shuran – China
Silver: An/Ke/Running/Qing/Min/Jaqi – China
Bronze: Guerra/Nievas/Garcia/Herrero/Ruta/Maldocena – Argentina

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AG1 Trio Finals
AG1 Group Finals
AG1 Individual Male Finals
AG1 Individual Woman Finals
AG1 Mixed Pair Finals


JS – Individual Woman
Gold: Hikaro Terada – Japan
Silver: Nanako Ogawa – Japan
Bronze: Hayley Bonanti – USA

JS – Trio
Gold: Ogawa/Terada/Yoshia – Japan
Silver: Alisio/Cassineri/Pagani – Argentina
Bronze: Gedney/Mullori/Maloney – USA

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Junior Individual Woman Preliminaries
Junior Trio Preliminaries

Junior Individual Woman Finals
Junior Trio Finals


Senior – AeroDance
Gold: Pisani/Magdaleno/Villa/Veliz/Gun/Minazzolli/Rivas – Argentina
Silver: Kimura/Swano/Suzuk/Kumaga/Yonekura/Hatta/Hiraga – Japan
Bronze: Nanzer/Lozano/Bosio/Brigato/Brizzio/Brizzio/Homon – Argentina

Varsity – AeroDance
Gold: Alonso/Alarcon/Blanco/Rovira/Martinez/Pereira/Chav – Argentina
Silver: Zijun/Mengzhao/Ao/Liu/Lingiao – China
Bronze: How/Crawford/Somerville/Wilde/Kostylev – Australia

Junior – AeroDance
Gold: An/Ke/Running/Qing/Ming/Jigi/Hoajia/Jingyi – China
Silver: Maldocena/Armaya/Diaz/Cassinelli/Garro/Santana/Ful – Argentina

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Junior Aerodance Preliminaries
Senior Aerodance Preliminaries
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Senior Aerodance Semi-Finals

Junior Aerodance Finals
Senior Aerodance Finals
Varsity Aerodance Finals

A message from ANAC on COVID-19


The ANAC is closely monitoring the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control and other reputable organizations for information and updates on the Coronavirus and how it might impact the International Aerobic Championship, July 24 - July 29 in Phoenix, Arizona.  

Currently, the ANAC is committed to organizing the IAC as scheduled. 

As many of the qualifying events worldwide are impacted, we are moving forward cautiously. We are aware of the time necessary to obtain visas, purchase air travel and secure accommodations for the athletes planning to participate this year in Phoenix. The ANAC will lend all the support possible to assist the athletes and international delegations including extending deadlines, as needed. 

We are in regular communication with our production partners and venues to ensure that the International Aerobic Championship will be exciting and safe for everyone. 

As always, our priority is the safety and health of the athletes, their families, directors and staff. 

We will continue to provide updates and immediately advise you should the situation change. 

We encourage you to stay positive and strong.