Junior Showcase

Individual Woman – Regina Palladini – Argentina

Individual Man – Christopher Nogueira – USA

Mixed Pair – Frida Aguilar – Mexico

Trio – Yu Sihui – China

Group – Xu Jinru – China


Age Group 1

Individual Woman – Minjoo Park – Korea

Individual Man – Zhang Ze – China

Mixed Pair – Xiong Baizhen – China

Trio – Minjoo Park – Korea

Group – Minji Kim – Korea


Age Group 2

Individual Woman – Nicole Kaloyanov – USA

Individual Man – Zhang Tianyun – China

Mixed Pair – Hyeonji Kim – Korea

Trio – Hyeonji Kim – Korea

Group – Wang Haodi – China



Individual Woman – Daiana Nanzer – Argentina

Individual Man – Ivan Veloz – Mexico

Mixed Pair – Yeonsun Park – Korea

Trio – Jusun Ryu – Korea

Group – Song Ke – China


AeroDance – Junior

Individual Woman – Regina Pallidini – Argentina

Team – Lola Vives Fayart – Argentina

Trio – Priscila Ayelen Astudil – Argentina


AeroDance – Varsity

Individual Woman – Hikaru Terada – Japan

Mixed Pair – Wang Zi Yi – China

Trio – Ariana Salas Vassallo – Peru

Team – Olivia Feaver – Australia



AeroDance – Senior

Individual Woman – Amy Behan – Australia

Individual Man – Jiang Shuai – China

Mixed Pair – Fu Yao – China

Trio – Daniela Pinto – Argentina

Group – Song Ke – China

Team – Daniela Pinto – Argentina

2015 Results

A message from ANAC on COVID-19


The ANAC is closely monitoring the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control and other reputable organizations for information and updates on the Coronavirus and how it might impact the International Aerobic Championship, July 24 - July 29 in Phoenix, Arizona.  

Currently, the ANAC is committed to organizing the IAC as scheduled. 

As many of the qualifying events worldwide are impacted, we are moving forward cautiously. We are aware of the time necessary to obtain visas, purchase air travel and secure accommodations for the athletes planning to participate this year in Phoenix. The ANAC will lend all the support possible to assist the athletes and international delegations including extending deadlines, as needed. 

We are in regular communication with our production partners and venues to ensure that the International Aerobic Championship will be exciting and safe for everyone. 

As always, our priority is the safety and health of the athletes, their families, directors and staff. 

We will continue to provide updates and immediately advise you should the situation change. 

We encourage you to stay positive and strong.